We are a one-of-a-kind physical fitness training facility

Our mission here at H2 Fitness for 2015 and beyond is to get as many people healthy as possible!


H2Fitness is a wellness and physical fitness training facility located in the beautifully renowned Fourth Street area of Berkeley, California. We work hard to create a friendly, diverse and respectful environment for all of our clients and as a result are popular with many fitness minded people from all over the Bay Area. Clients from New York to Seattle seek out H2Fitness’ services when they are in town and want to keep up their fitness regimen while away from home.


We recognize that we are all unique in outlooks and physique so our personal training is catered to each client’s vision for their body and overall health. From beginners, to recreational, to professional athletes, H2Fitness has helped our clients achieve great personal success through weight loss, strength training, body sculpting, physical therapy, and focused athletic training in a broad array of sports like skiing, football, tennis, golf, cheerleading, volleyball, running, basketball, track, cross-country, la crosse, water polo, surfing, kayaking, sailing, and swimming.


Our personal trainers are committed to helping each individual by assisting them to achieve their fitness goals. After 30 years as a certified Personal Trainer, H2Fitness’ Founder, CEO and program manager, Harold Hatcher is known as one of the Top 7 Personal Training Instructors in Northern California. Harold shares a deep sense of caring about his clients’ wellness and dedicates his time and efforts in meeting each one’s goals. He demonstrates genuine attention for their needs by providing motivation, integrity, creativity, and professional excellence.


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Take care and we hope to see you at an H2Fitness training session soon!